September 26, 2007

Evo Morales: "Capitalism is Bad for Humanity"

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As many of you might already know, Evo Morales is in New York. He has been making a series of speeches and appearances in TV.

His visit to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart was a success, I would say. See it for yourselves here.
In the mean time several versions of the appearance were also posted in Youtube.

His speech on the world climate change in the UN General Assembly can be seen here. And his speech to the General Assembly can be seen here. By the way, the whole meeting, which is from September 25 to October 3, is being broadcasted live by the UN and if you can also find all the speeches in this page.


galloglass said...

How do you think Dabdoub, Doria, and Marinkovic will react to this? If the president says he's going to eradicate capitalism, they're marked men.

Anonymous said...

Evo did a good job - but we gringos are open to everyone tha can present themselves well. This is what's both good and bad about the USA... the listener has to decide and most people are not smart enough to understand. Regardless, Evo did not slime the USA like Daniel Ortega did... so Evo is learning really fast and really well to avoid that Bolivia loses investment from the USA.
Looks like Evo is going to stay for quite a while... at least for his elected period. After that, well, that will be another reason for the Bolivians to have helgas de hambre, manifestaciones and the rest.

Whether we like it or not -I think Evo is there to stay.

miguel (mabb) said...

Oh, I bet the capitalist in Bolivia are working hard to stop this. :-)

Kevin said...

Yes - stop capitalism and foriegn investment and I supose the Bolivians can eat quinua and drink natural gas.

This attack on capitalism is for consumption of Chavez and his hard-line Masistas... US Government will continue to provide money since Bolivia has been certified for their efforts against 'narco'.