August 18, 2007

Former Presidents of Bolivia

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La Razón published a rare photo of a meeting between former presidents of Bolivia. They met to ponder on the last 25 years and the democratic experience.

I tried to recognize all of them, but could not. So, those of you who know, please help me. Starting from top left to right, you can find Guido Vildoso?, Carlos Mesa, Tuto Quiroga, Eduardo Rodriguez Velze, Luis Ossio Sanjines (was he a president? I thought he was VP). Sitting, from left to right, we have Jaime Paz Zamora, Lidia Gueiler and ???


mcentellas said...

The one to the right of Mesa is Víctor Hugo Cárdenas (Goni's VP from 1993-1997). The rest I'm not so sure about.

But they could be Julio Garret Ayllón (if he's still alive, but I'm not sure on that this sec). He was VP for Paz Estenssoro, 1985-1989.

I doubt Vildoso is in there, since it seems the picture only includes democratic presidents. Also, the picture is supposed to include not just presidents, but VPs (since they become "president en oficio" whenever the president leaves the country).

mcentellas said...

Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure now that the one to the left of Veltze is Luis Ossio and that the one sitting to the left of Gueiler is Julio Garret.

miguel (mabb) said...

Vildoso is there, they mention him in the article. I think it was not just democratic presidents.

The one on the left of Rodriguez is Luis Ossio a crhistian democrat, I think.

I don't think the one left of Gueiler is Garret Ayllon. I met him before and he doesn't look as I remember. Unless he changed dramatically.

I think he is Victor Hugo Cardenas.

mcentellas said...

But I am 100% sure that the one to the right of Rodriguez Veltzé is Cardenas.

And, yes, that could be Vildoso. It does look how he might look 30 years later (based on his presidential portrait).

miguel (mabb) said...

Yes, I found him too in the VP gallery at the vicepresidencia website.


mcentellas said...

Cool. But it would be nice if La Razon had put in some captions! (Actually, I frequently wish they did)

miguel (mabb) said...

Yes, La Razón and a lot of Bolivian newspapers leave a lot to be desired in quality. Sometimes I wish they would take a bit more time to publish their online versions. The articles seem to be written very fast and short. Yes, you don't want a three page article, but a bit more information packed into it is not bad.

But, again, I am not saying they are bad, because they're not. All I am saying is they need a bit more attention......(emphasis)! :-)

Buffy said...

FYI: The former President, Guido Vildoso, is seated on the right. Without a doubt, the most Honorable of the former Presidents. A true caballero!