July 05, 2007

Bolivian Bloggers Project Gets Go

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From time to time I like to highlight some happenings within the Bolivian blogsphere or what I like to call, the boli-blogsphere. This time it is about a project Eddy, Mario and Hugo have started. The project is on local education in El Alto, Bolivia. It aims at giving the basic skills for blogging to local people. These people, in turn, will start telling the world about their lives, their communities, their culture and so on. The project is part of Global Voices' Rising Voices project.

Very important job! Through the computer we all will have a small, but important, window into the individual worlds of each blogger. This, in my opinion, complements the picture the mainstream media paints about all these areas in the world, and for sure covers some wholes left by it.

So, two thumbs up for Eddy, Mario and Hugo, kudos for Rising Voices and much success to all!