June 04, 2007

Nobody Died From Playing Soccer at 3600 Meters

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As reported everywhere now, the FIFA has banned international soccer matches at high altitudes (2,500 metres (8,200 feet)). I concur with my fellow blogger in this opinion. Miguel, from Pronto*, has said it best: "...And, yes, soccer is in large part a game of playing in adverse conditions & trusting in fate (so playing in altitude shouldn’t “matter”)."

Personally, I also think it shouldn't matter. Players should have the physical ability and condition to withstand these matches. I think Miguel is right when he points out that, "There’s no doubt that FIFA is notoriously corrupt." Pressures and other factors have long played a role in FIFA's decisions. I also tend to agree with Miguel when he says that the matches can be played in Santa Cruz or Cochabamba, for that matter. Why not? Why should La Paz have that honor to itself? (note: I am paceno).

However, it is a matter of principle in this case. I think the decision is discriminating and should be overruled. That is why I am joining the campaign La Razon and other newspapers have started. The goal is to send 1 million letters to Mr. Blatter to let him know it is not right. You just have to sign the letter and send it!