June 06, 2007

New Link on Bolivia

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I just found this place with information on Bolivia, in Spanish. I found this map, which graphically shows the lack of infrastructure, namely roads. It is an interactive graph. Just click on the link that reads "caminos" and you'll be able to see how 'well' connected, by land that is, Bolivia is. If the map is accurate, you'll be able to appreciate one of the many major objectives to work on.


Frank_IBC said...


It seems impractical to restore the capital to Sucre unless there are substantial improvements to the roads connecting Sucre to the rest of the country. The isolation of Sucre, Potosi and Tarija, and the lack of paved roads connecting to the Argentine and Brazilian borders appear to be major weaknesses.

miguel said...

To the contrary, I would argue that the moving of the capital back to Sucre would provide more incentives to further develop a long forgotten area. It would push the government to concentrate in investing in infrastructure, an area it should have been investing since a long time ago.

Short term, it is seemingly a weakness, however, in the long run, it could be a strength.

Frank_IBC said...

Do you know if there has been any progress towards building the railroad connecting Aiquile and Santa Cruz? And restoring passenger service north and east of Oruro?

Anonymous said...

Apart from roads, Sucre is small
there is no land space for growth, most of the city now is like a spider of top of hills and stops at the cliffs, this city was built in a bad place, too small.