June 10, 2007

Bolivia's Plan for Development

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Many of you might have 'heard' me, many times, that I could not find anywhere in the net the government's plan of action. Recently, however, I found the web page for the Ministry for Development Planning. In this page I did find the document (click on Plan Nacional de Desarrollo) I was looking for. It outlines Morales' plans and policies for development. The document discusses the government's conception of development and what kind of country should be constructed.

Furthermore, the document explains the policies the current government is following to address the issues of health, social security, communal development, education, justice, citizen security, national defense, culture, basic needs, international relations, foreign policy, economic policy and more.

My first impression is that the plan, on the one side, is conceptually loaded. On the other side, it has some practical policies for development. This post is FYI. Enjoy the read.

PS: I am constantly finding new websites, which I think the Bolivian government is creating as soon as it can. Some are really useful. As usual, I place them in my links section under Bolivian Government. Don't forget to take a look.