June 20, 2007

Bolivia Update: Things Are Heating Up

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Update 1: Under this link you'll find the source of discord. This is the text the commission on vision of a country came up with. It's in Spanish.

This is the Bolivian Democratic Autonomic Junta, the group leading the autonomic effort in Bolivia. It is made up of the Prefects (departmental heads of governments) Ernesto Suárez (Beni), Leopoldo Fernández (Pando), Mario Cossío (Tarija) and Rubén Costas (Santa Cruz), as well as the civic committees from each department, other civic organizations and some indigenous groups. At the center is Rubén Costas.

The Junta decided, yesterday, June 19, to move from a 'state of emergency' to a 'state of mobilization', whereby it called on to all their supporters to start acting "in defense of democracy". The Junta is vehemently against the government's proposal to bring autonomy to the indigenous territories. According to the Junta, Bolivia will end up with 36 territories and 42 regions. This would lead to a brake up of Bolivian territory. Leaders also accuse the government of implementing its policy to cope power and become authoritarian (as with Venezuela or Cuba, for example).

The decisions taken in this occasion do not bode well, neither with the government nor with the military. For the first time in a long time, the military voiced its concern with such calls. The commander in chief, General Wilfrido Vargas, stopped short of condemning these acts, and said that the military WILL defend the UNITY of the country.

The Junta wants to start its mobilization next July 7, and on July 2 it wants to put forward its proposal for autonomy.