May 08, 2007

The Fight Over the Capital

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The fight over the seat of government presses ahead. The Sucre department continues to argue that the seat of government be moved to Bolivia's capital, Sucre. However, this demand has run against a massive wall of refutation. La Razon published a poll which say that 63% of Bolivians in the four major cities disapprove of the idea.

This has emboldened the opponents of the proposal and has made it so much difficult for the people in Sucre who are pushing for it. It has also revealed divisions within the Sucre department. On the one side, there are those who are supporting this effort and on the other side are people who said they were not included in the organization or were not asked of their opinion.

At the moment, just when it looked that the efforts to bring the government back to the capital were gaining momentum with the backing of Santa Cruz, Beni, Pando and Tarija, it looks now as if the road has gotten steeper and more difficult.