May 28, 2007

Bolivia, the US and the EU

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Lately, I have been finding lots of references to the transatlantic triangle made up by Latin America-US-EU. This relationship seems to be very important for both, the US and the EU, but not as important at it should be.

The diplomatic, as well as political and economic relations have been traditionally framed within the framework of trade, drugs and rock'n'roll (by that I mean culture, :-)). However, much has changed now that the latest elections wave in the region is more or less over. The move of Latin America to the left has strained this relationship. For reference purposes, I highlight three official sites, which should better define these relationships further.

This first site is the EU Commision's official site of its External Relations arm. The second and third sites are the US Embassy's and State Department's sites, where the US government outlines its foreign policy.

As you can see, the US' major policy areas are debt relief, counter-narcotics, cultural property protection and the millennium challenge program, and of course trade. As for the relations between the EU and Bolivia, they are similar to those with the US (drug trade and commercial trade), with one notable exception, migration. This last phenomenon has been hitting Western Europe right in the heart. So much so that is has become a major issue, not only in foreign policy, but in domestic politics as well.

Visit the sites. They make for an interesting, albeit short, read.