April 07, 2007

The Relationship Hugo + Evo: Is Evo Following Hugo's Path?

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Currently, the big question when it comes to Bolivia is: Is Morales: Following Chavez or own path?

Thanks to a tip from galloglass, a MABBlog reader, I came across with the above article published in Yahoo! News. This question has made noise in recent days with the publication of this article, however, the question has been for a long time in the minds of many people who follow Bolivia.

Is Morales following Hugo Chavez' path towards consolidation of his power? I, for one, am getting more and more convinced that Morales is following Hugo's path. I have been worried by what I called a 'disturbing trend'. Below you'll find links to my earlier posts which deal with this intriguing question, along with interesting commentaries.

Note: I would recommend, however, to focus on the content and to please forgive the misspellings, attribute them to lack of time for posting. :-)