April 29, 2007

Limited Blogging

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Dear readers,

I will be paying a visit to my family and friends in VA for the next month. Therefore, there will be limited time for Blogging, but it will not stop completely. It all depends on the availability of internet and time outside work and family and what happens in Bolivia.



Alvaro García Ramos said...

viva bolivia

Anonymous said...

Have a good visit!
And I still owe you a response to your e-mail.

Anonymous said...

Hola Miguel -- soy reportera con el programa "The World" de la BBC en los Estados Unidos. No consegui una manera facil de contactarte, asi que ojala puedas ver esta nota. Estoy trabajando en un reportaje sobre el rol de China en la industria de gas Boliviana -- crees que tendrias un tiempo en los proximos dos dias (Miercoles o Jueves) para hacer una corta entrevista por telefono? Por favor, avisame a este email:


Gracias! Ruxandra.

Tambopaxi said...

Have a good time in VA, Miguel, and hopefully, Bolivia won't fall apart while you're gone; it'd be shame to have major event without your comprehensive analysis! T

miguel said...

Thanks to everybody for the good wishes!

Ruxandra, sorry is taking long to answer but i am having trouble to get connected to the net.

I"ll be happy to talk to you.

I"ll send an email with more details in the next half day.


mcentellas said...

Enjoy your break! I promise I'll try to pick up the slack.