March 12, 2007

The Constituent Assembly on the Move

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This month, from 12 March to 13 April, the 21 assembly commissions are paying a house visit to the voters. In order to accelerate and reach the citizens of the country, the commissions are traveling around to every department to collect proposals and ideas. The itinerary is thus:
  • March 12 - Cobija, Pando
  • March 16 - La Paz
  • March 20 - Sucre
  • March 23 - Potosi
  • March 26 - Oruro
  • March 29 - Cochabamba
  • April 02 - Santa Cruz
  • April 10 - Tarija
  • April 13 - Trinidad, Beni
Today, the assembly members are busy holding meetings in Cobija. The reports say that they overwhelmed the hotels and there is hardly a place to sleep in that city. Some of the 266 assembly members are staying in military buildings.

What this region is asking for is: Autonomy, development of the north Amazone region, and ecologic pause. The autonomies should be gradual and the organizations of workers are in tune. The ecologic pause should prevent enterprises to over develop the region and promote the payment of taxes for the region.