March 02, 2007

The Commissions in the Bolivian Constituent Assembly: Who Works on What Issues

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Now that the Constituent Assembly is on track again, it becomes important to know who is working on what issues. That is to say, the constitutional assembly process is organized in 21 commissions, each of which will consider, debate and come up with a consensuated text proposal to be included in the new social contract. For example there is a commission to discuss how will the Bolivian state look like in this new constitution, or what kind of decentralization/autonomic structure will the state have. These are important issues and have to be taken seriously. So far, and as you can observe on the graph, there are commissions, ranging from the vision of the state, to citizenship and nationality, rights, organization of the state, education, social development, economic development, specific topics like the hydrocarbons resources, land, environment, coca, security, indigenous issues, religion, etc. From the graph you can also see (click to enrage it) that the most important commissions by the number of people in it, is the territorial organization where the issues of autonomy and decentralization will be dealt with.

This neat little graph was created by the people at Apostamos por Bolivia. There is one thing though, I think they messed up on their sub total and total numbers, they just don't add up. Other than that the table is a good source of info.