January 31, 2007

Two Interesting Articles

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Two news reports have called on to my attention this morning. The first one has to do with Negroponte's remarks to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during his confirmation hearing to be appointed Condy's right hand deputy-designate. He bluntly said that Chavez (Hugo, that is) poses a "threat to democracy in Latin America". He says this, even though he argues that democracy is doing well in the region.

I think Negroponte, and thus the US, are making Hugo more important that he really is. By mentioning him in such official venues, Chavez take on to a different dimension. That is what he wants and the US is giving him exactly what he wants. The US government is playing right into Chavez's hands.

The other news report is about the other Chavez. The close advisor from Morales. Just in case you didn't know, I'll tell you a bit. Evo Morales has a Peruvian adviser. His name is Walter Chavez (no relation to Morales' mentor Hugo Chavez). It seems that Mr Chavez has a turbulent pass as extortionist for the guerrilla in Peru. He has been living in Bolivia as a refugee since he escaped from Fujimori's claws. He is now a close advisor of Morales, and now the Peruvian government are seeking his extradition for him to be tried on murders and extortions related to the terrorist guerrilla.

What is interesting though, is that one of Morales' staunchest supporters, Filemon Escobar, and a former running mate have voiced concern. The article says, "A breakaway leader of Morales' own grass-roots movement, Filemon Escobar, focused attention on Chavez's role last week when he complained that the Peruvian "manages everything" in the presidential palace. Morales' running mate in 2002 presidential elections, Jose Antonio Quiroga, was quoted by the La Paz newspaper La Razon as saying Chavez was "like the prime minister."

Dissent in the ranks, that is a primer. Especially coming from such a figure as Filemon Escobar. I did not think of it possible.