December 30, 2006

Two Critical Points to Ponder About for 2006

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As the graph above shows, the biggest government failure for 2006 has been the Constituent Assembly (CA). The government itself has agreed with this judgement (El Diario. As of this report, the CA has 164 working days to approve around 300 articles of the new constitution. A Mammoth of a task, considering that since its inception the CA cancelled sessions 41% of the time. As for the results, we only have to remember it hasn't even approved its own internal regulations code. Well, at least not with the input of the minority.

Additionally, there is a report published by a Human Rights organization highlighting the not so promising trend for the Human Rights in Bolivia. The report talks about the improvements in education and health, but mentions worrying trends in some civil, political and economic rights. Specifically, it is mentioned that rights of freedom of expression, aggressions to journalists, and intolerance with political preferences, could be in grave danger.

These two reports have gained very little attention by the Morales government. Instead, Morales has announced for next year a massive re-evaluation of bureaucrats. Responding to demands by MAS' bases (constituency), the government will staff bureaucratic jobs with people who prescribe with the party's goals. Somehow this plan is supposed to preserve the institutionalization principle of the public service.