October 09, 2006

The Political Evolution of MAS and Evo

MABB © ®

Our friends in La Razon have published an interesting graph (click on image). It shows the political evolution of MAS and Evo Morales. Albeit, it is in a short frame of time, but illustrative nonetheless.

The most striking element is how sharp Morales' popularity has fallen, from 79% in February to 52% in September. Another striking thing is the support gain from 2002 (this year MAS participated in a national election for the first time) to 2005. It is remarkable how MAS gained supporters in these three years. There is only one explanation, I think, and that is, the collapse of the multiparty political system in two opposite sides. What a difference three years make. Another thing that I find remarkable is the X shape of the bars in the middle. These bars show the result from the autonomic referendum. It is funny to see that as you move from South-West to North-East, the support for autonomy falls and vice versa.