September 20, 2006

"It is not right that the Coca leaf be legal for Coca-Cola and illegal for the indigenous peoples"

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In today's afternoon session of the United Nation's 61st General Session, President Morales talked for about 20 minutes. In his speech, Morales spoke about the nationalization process, the Coca leaf policy, and the rights of the indigenous people's. In addition, he challenged the US to work with Bolivia on a fair trade agreement, to work together on the drug trafficking problem and to take US troops out of Iraq.

I have to notice though, he was much less eloquent than Mesa. At times it was hard to follow his thought. That is, if you heard him in Spanish. For those who listened to him translated into English, they might notice some of this through the translation.

Here is the speech in English and here it is in Spanish.

Links are from the UN's webcast website. You need Real Player to listen.