August 09, 2006

The Wonders of Google Earth

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Google Earth, isn't it a wonderful tool? With it, we can zero in into the very objects of our interest. Thanks to friendly people who read MABB, I keep on learning more and more about the advances and virtues of Google Earth. In an earlier post, on the advice of another reader, I talked about the ability of a user to get high resolution images at a very close range. I've heard, at that time, that one could even see the houses down on the ground. In that post, I took a snippet of an image showing the city of La Paz. From another reader, I heard it was possible to see other cities, like Cochabamba or even small towns in El Alto. You can read those comments yourself in the comments section of that post.

Very recently, I got another message from a reader (Sergio) who located the compound of Manfred Reyes Villa, the Prefect of Cochabamba. Now, every public person in Bolivia has to make a "public" declaration of income and property. Where he lives is public knowledge. With a tool like Google Earth, one can even pay him a visit. Take a look. Also, I do not have 100% assurance it is in fact Manfred's Villa. But, even if its not, you can clearly see the reach of Google Earth and, of course, its potential uses.

Wow, it is hard to think that is somewhere in old dusty Cochabamba. It looks more like somewhere in Mallorca. People really know how to live there.