August 24, 2006

Bolivia in the Tube

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I've known about quite a long time. But, today I found some videos which I wanted to share with all, because they allow us to take a peek in Bolivia, and to look at her from the outside. The first 7 minute video hosted at Youtube is clearly made for turism, and not very well commented, for my taste. But that doesn't matter because it shows, in video, natural wonders like a salt lake, a stone tree, two colorful lakes, three kinds of Flamingoes and some folklore. Once you get to the page, you have the option to keep watching more videos made by the person who put them up there. It seems to be either a tourist or a Bolivian who lives somewhere else but visits home every year.

The next video shows the streets of La Paz through the lens of some visitors.

You can even get music videos in this guy's video site. Most of the videos are from Los Kjarkas, the most famous folk group in Bolivia. This link is making it in my links-roll list.

You can also find, in more than one place, the infamous interview of Evo Morales with the Univision's anchor Ramos.

In this link you can even find parodies made in Peru of, not only Evo Morales, but of Hugo Chavez and more.