August 31, 2006

Bolivia and Internet TV

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An online TV broadcasting company based in NY, JumpTv, will boradcast Bolivian television. JumpTv especializes in ethnic programs and as of now it has added two of the most viewed Bolivian channels to its programm, the PAT network and Bolivision. The wire from Yahoo Finance reads:

Press Release
Source: JumpTV
JumpTV Signs Partnerships With Two Leading
Bolivian Television Channels

Wednesday August 30, 12:10 pm ET

Bolivisión and Red P.A.T. Join JumpTV's Internet-Television Line-Up
TORONTO--(MARKET WIRE)--Aug 30, 2006 -- JumpTV (AIM: JTV) (TSX:JTV.TO - News) (, the world's leading broadcaster of ethnic television over the Internet, announced that it has signed exclusive Internet-broadcast agreements with Red P.A.T. and Bolivisión, two of Bolivia's leading television channels, increasing the number of JumpTV channels from Bolivia to four.

So far, only ATB and Red Uno are part of the package, but according to the company, it should soon be four. The whole package is supposed to cost US$ 9.95, and is mainly aimed at the around 1 million Bolivians living outside Bolivia, mainly in Madrid, Buenos Aires and the Washington DC metro area. Most of these people have broadband access to the net and can probably pay 10 bucks a month to get virtually closer to their country.

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