June 25, 2006

The Newest Popularity Poll

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Here is the newest poll on Morales' and Linera's popularity. The numbers have not changed much, though have gone a bit down.

But, what I'd like to highlight is the support the Electoral Court (CNE) has among the population. The total at national level is 76% and within the main cities is 77%. That is unprecedented support for, what I consider, an excellent job by the CNE in organizing the December elections and now the Consituent Assembly and fererendum elections in July 2.

This is in high contrast with the criticism the CNE is getting from the government. Morales himself has expressed his lack of trust with the CNE. This doesn't make sense. Why is he trying to delegitimize the electoral court?


galloglass said...

Miguel: As I said in the post you deleted, he wants a pliant CNE that will do his bidding, that's why.

miguel said...

What are you talking about? I deleted your post.

I make it a policy in MABB NOT to delete posts unless foul language is used.

Please, make sure you have the facts right before you accuse somebody.

GM Roper said...

Hola mi amigo. I was reading Publius Pundit and came across this entry: http://www.publiuspundit.com/?p=2756 What is your take on this development.

Cheers and keep up the good stuff.

GM Roper said...

I also noted that when I moved to a new domain, I somehow lost you on my blogroll. That has been corrected. Again, keep up the good work

miguel said...

Thanks George:

About the link, I thought you went out of business, but I see you are well, alive and kicking. :-)

About the link, I'd rather not make any comments about it. But, I will say that there is a strong feeling of independence in Santa Cruz. Independence, as in autonomy or the ability of the state government to administer its own affairs.

Secession is a big word, one which is not being considered at the moment. But, the danger is always there. I have to ask myself what is going to happen if the government wins a majority in the Constituent Assembly and takes the issue of autonomy off the table? If they draw the plans for autonomy as they understand it (which is very different from that of Santa Cruz's)?

It is more a fear than something concrete. For the moment all the cards are on negotiating in the CA and coming to an accord on the issue. I think it'll come to that, rather than the radicalization of the problem.