June 15, 2006

Alive and Kicking!

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I am finally online, again. All is not quiet in the front, but at least I am able to blog. I have not been able to find out what was wrong. Talking to computer people I have been advised that it may be a virus. If it is, I don't know how it got there. I am very careful with my PC. It boggles my mind.

So, while it seems the OS is working well, It might just be temporary. Viruses have a tendency to show up again and again until they are removed. But, I am taking the appropriate steps already and hopefully I'll be good soon.

On Bolivia news, I was surprised to hear Evo Morales speak of "war against the empire" during his celebration of Che Guevara. The worst thing is that he conditions this action to an attack, not only to Bolivia, but to Venezuela and/or Cuba.

Leaving aside the fact that if "the empire" decides to start a war against Bolivia, Bolivia could not do anything other than stand aside and watch, to commit to armed conflict in the name of other nations is just crazy talk.

Or not?


mcentellas said...

Sadly, Evo has never learned to be a statesman & avoid crazy talk. He's not been in the international spotlight all the years he rose through the ranks in the syndicalist movement, so he's not prepared. But, yeah, that kind of crazy talk is just the kind of thing to get him in trouble. I just hope the US doesn't take the bait & follow w/ its own crazy talk. The best way to make a crazy person sound crazy is to respond w/ sanity.

Frank IBC said...

Alvicho has heard an alarming rumour possibly related to this.

galloglass said...

Please...I am so sick of this "Evo is naive", "Evo doesn't know the intricacies of diplomacy" b.s. He is no fool and knows exactly what he is doing...he's following Hugo's and Fidel's script.

Originalexplorer said...

God for Latin American Blog readers you all sure don't know much about Latin American history...

There is nothing silly about refering to the United States and its proxies as an empire:
No one can deny that the US has been a nation of expansion, nor can anyone deny that the US has consistantly used its military and economic power to defend its interests (however that is defined) at the expense of other peoples. At least no one who studies history can deny it -- perhaps put a different label on it, yes.

Anonymous said...

On the positive side his government has just said they want to pursue free trade negotiations with the US. At least Evo has listened to the business people of Bolivia and realizes that free trade has created a lot of jobs in the West.

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mb said...

To galloglass- Well, the more direct answer is, he just doesn't. Morales just doesn't have the necessary experience. All his experience comes from his position as leader of a union. Although, with that I do not want to say that he is not a savy and experienced politician. But, there is a very big difference between being a good politician and being a good president. I am sure I don't need to get into explaining what it takes to be a president, i.e. running a country.

Exactly because he just seems to be following Castro's and Chavez's "ideas" people tend to see him as follower rather than a leader. At this moment, I think that is obvious.

To original explorer- Just in case, I should make my point clear. It was Morales' irresponsible rhetoric. Not US expansionism.

To anonym- Has Morales really said that?

To Frank ibc- I don't like to make much of rumors. But it would be a new development.

To Migue- I don't think the US gov would be so stupid as to, first respond to such comments and second, to act upon them?

But, with Chaney and Rumsfeld in command, who knows! ;-)

Anonymous said...


See http://www.mercopress.com/Detalle.asp?NUM=8139

and http://www.localnewswatch.com/skyvalley/stories/index.php?action=fullnews&id=195680

- sergio

mb said...

Thanks Sergio:

True, I found out from your links and from the Washington Post.

But, Morales contradicts himself so much over his relations with the US, one just doesn't know what to think.