May 25, 2006

New PBS Video and Google Earth Image

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The PBS' Frontline World site is featuring a video about the rise of Evo Morales to the presidency. The 24 min. film made by young film maker, Tupac Mauricio Saavedra and producer, Gabriel Dvosk, tells Saavedra's impressions (in very simple English) about Morales' rise to power and the challenges he'll encounter.

As any other film, the cut is worth looking at, if not for the images which shed some light on Evo's personna, then to get to observe a clearly bias account of Evo's significance. Of course, one would expect that any seemingly well informed person would also seek information portraying the other side of the coin, to counter any bias and find the balance, which is probably somewhere in the middle.

On another subject, I want to share this satellite image taken from Google Earth. The image shows the city of La Paz. It is just amazing that such photos are accessible to anyone. The image can be zoomed in to an incredible ratio where one can see the houses. I think Google Earth is a good tool overall (with potential pitfalls, though).


Teo Ballvé said...
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Frank IBC said...

I have Google Earth, and I've viewed La Paz on it. It's incredible. What's really funny is moving your cursor along the freeway between the bus terminal and La Ceja, and watching the altitude go up and up and up...

Miguel said...

What did you do? I couldn't do that!

I tried getting down to the lowest level but couldn't.

Frank IBC said...

Do you have the program Google Earth, or do you just have an image that was generated by it? You need to have the actual program to enjoy all the features.

When I view La Paz, it will show clearly up to about 1000 feet above ground (13100 above sea level) - you will see all the buildings in detail and about 4-8 city blocks will fill up the screen.

On the bottom margin of the picture, it will show the latitude and longitude and elevation of wherever the cursor is.

If you move the cursor around, the latitude, longitude and elevation will change accordingly.

Zoom out, ie., go up, using the scroll knob on your cursor or the zoom buttons at the bottom of the screen, about 5000-10000 feet. You will be able to make out the "V" of the freeway from downtown La Paz to La Ceja. It starts at the bus terminal (the big red roofed structure next to the cloverleaf interchange). Draw your cursor along the roadway, and it will start at 12100 feet, and go up, up up, it will reach 12777 feet at the hairpin curve to the left of Cerro Calvario, and will crest at 13460 at La Ceja.

Sadly, the images of Cochabamba are not of such high resolution - the image is only crisp down to about 15000 feet above ground, and you can only make out the major streets and more important geographical features.

Miguel said...

Cool, thanks for the tip.