April 21, 2006

Demands from the Social Movements to the Bolivian Government

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Here is a list of demands coming from the self defined social movements in El Alto, Bolivia. These demands cover all the organizations. Some, list a few and some list literally over hundred demands. They are usually listed in a pice of paper and given to the government, either to its representatives or to the president himself.

The first set of demands are called the "October Agenda". This are three demands which were the main demands during the October 2003 confrontations with the government.

  1. Nationalization of the hydrocarbons (sometimes without compensation).
  2. Constituent Assembly.
  3. Prosecussion of Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada for the events in October 2003.

These demands show up generally in any list. They are the flag demands.

  1. The abolishment of the "neo-liberal" decree 21060 (the decree which basically set up the neo-liberal model.
  2. Inmediate refounding and strengthening of the former state companies, YPFB, ENTEL, LAB, ENFE y Comibol.
  3. Construction of the road Cotapata-Santa Bárbara and the prosecussion of the officials who let the proce of the poject go so high.
  4. Complete development of the north of La Paz.
  5. Revision of the hydrocarbons tax (IDH) distribution, so it reflects the activism of El Alto in defense of the natural resources. Additinally, establish the control of those resources by the social movements.
  6. Creation of work places with dignity and access to social security and free medical insurance.
  7. Establish the La Paz parliamentary group's seat in El Alto.
  8. Establish a teacher school in El Alto.
  9. Construction of the North and South Hospitals of El Alto.
  10. More teachers and medical personnel for El Alto.
  11. Construction of a bus terminal in El Alto.
  12. Moving of the International Airpor of El Alto.
  13. Construction of the headquarters for the Central Regional Workers' union (COR).
  14. Construction of housing for the members of the street merchants union and handicraft workers union.
  15. Mechanization of agricultural communities and construction of a milk processing plant in El Alto.
  16. Creation of an Artisans Financing Bank.
  17. Breakfast and lunch for High School students.
Once again, these are but a short list of demands. But, they are representative and are the onces that show up more often.