March 28, 2006

One Week Off to Istanbul

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Dear readers:

I will be off-line for about 6 to 8 days because I'll be attending the World Movement for Democracy's Fourth Assembly in Istanbul, Turkey.

In am excited to be there and take part in such an event. I hope I can make some contributions, meet lots of people and make many contacts.

At the same time, I'll be heading there a bit early to take a couple of days off and get to know the city. I am also excited to visit such an exotic place. Yes, it is exotic for me!

So, that means blogging will be reduced to its minimum. That is, at least until I get back. Well, maybe onece or twice, I just don't know.

I wish you all well and Until next week.



eduardo said...

Wow. Turkey. I am definitely envious of you. It's a country that is on my "too-see" list. Good luck.

Mar said...


miguel said...

Thank you verz much. Istanbul is one he..... of a place. I am having lots of fun. The question I get the most asked is: where you from? when you take it upon youself to answer this all over. You get entangled into a loooooong conversation about yourself, why are you in Istanbul and what kinds of things can they sell you. This is very difficult to get out of.

Actually, there was a guy, whom I liked, very original, who said to me. Where you from and how can I get your money. I told him, I'll be back tomorrow....:-)

Greetings from Istanbul.

Anonymous said...

Democracy in Turkey... Is this like a joke or what?