March 23, 2006

Bombings in Bolivia

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Update 2:

This is getting better and better. Eduardo and Jonathan of Barrio Flores and JBB&P, respectively, have conducted some ivestigative work on the two suspects and have uncovered interesting info. Check the comments section on this post and pay a visit to Barrio Flores.

I really hope the police are googling his name, whatever it is. I just did a quick search on that name Eduardo gives us on his update and even found an address on the guy in Diamond Springs, CA, in a post looking for a female from Uruguay, Argentina, Colombian, Spain and Italy. He's even got an ebay profile.

Amusing, that's all!

Update 1:

There is more information about the bizarre bombings in La Paz, Bolivia. According to information in El Diario, the alleged perpatrators are: Lestat Claudius de Orleáns y Montevideo y and his Uruguayan girlfriend, Alda Rebeiro Acosta (Photo of the two here). The two checked-in, first, into the Riosinho II motel, about four days before the bombings. The hotel administrator said that he had seen them very nervous that same night (March 21). He remembers the couple arrived at the hotel that night very late (around 11.30 pm) and they seemed agitated. The at 1.30 am both asked the administrator to open the door because she was sick and they wanted to go to a hospital in El Alto. That is how they got away. The administrator however did not got suspicious and took note of the taxi's license plate. He then passed this info to the police.

Sometime after they left, the police arrived at the motel and asked about the couple. The administrator told them they had left, but they weren't convinced. They tried to enter the room but couldn't. From a broken window, the police and the administrator could see smoke and a spark on its way to the bathroom. They then proceeded to empty the building.

Thanks to that info on the taxi, both are in custody as we speak and have made headlines around the world already. A list of those headlines you can find below.

The following links are from Yahoo alerts service:

American Jailed in Deadly Bolivia Bombings
AP via Yahoo! News Wed, 22 Mar 2006 6:54 PM PST
An American man and his Uruguayan girlfriend were arrested Wednesday after bombs severely damaged two low-budget hotels in Bolivia's capital, killing two people and injuring at least seven.

American Jailed in Deadly Bolivia Bombings
ABC News Wed, 22 Mar 2006 7:28 PM PST
American Man and His Uruguayan Girlfriend Jailed in Bolivia Bombings That Killed Two People

Two die in Bolivia hotel bombings Wed, 22 Mar 2006 6:23 AM PST
LA PAZ, Bolivia (Reuters) -- Bomb blasts rocked two small hotels in the center of the Bolivian city of La Paz, killing two people, and officials said on Wednesday they had arrested two foreign suspects.

American admits to bombings in Bolivia
The Star-Ledger Wed, 22 Mar 2006 10:16 PM PST
LA PAZ, Bolivia -- Twin bomb blasts tore through two budget hotels and killed two people in La Paz overnight, and Bolivian police said a 27-year-old American admitted carrying out the attacks yesterday.

American held in Bolivia blasts
Kansas City Star Thu, 23 Mar 2006 0:13 AM PST
LA PAZ, Bolivia — Bolivian police Wednesday arrested an American and a Uruguayan woman thought to be his wife in connection with explosions that killed two persons and injured seven at two hotels.

In Unruly Bolivia, Orchestra's Chief Wields Baton Against the Brickbats
Forward Wed, 22 Mar 2006 11:35 PM PST
LA PAZ, Bolivia — Dozens of street protests have paralyzed downtown La Paz since David Handel first became conductor of the Bolivian National Symphony Orchestra in 1997.

American arrested in connection with hotel bombings in Bolivia
Knight-Ridder Washington Bureau Wed, 22 Mar 2006 4:55 PM PST
LA PAZ, Bolivia - Bolivian police arrested an American and an Uruguayan woman believed to be his wife early Wednesday in connection with a pair of explosions that killed two people and injured seven at two budget hotels in the center of this high-altitude city.

Chile open to ties with Bolivia -- but without conditions
Miami Herald Thu, 23 Mar 2006 0:10 AM PST
(AP) -- The government of Chilean President Michelle Bachelet said Wednesday it wants to renew diplomatic relations with Bolivia, but not if its South American neighbor insists on first resolving its long-standing demand for access to the Pacific Ocean.

Two killed in Bolivia explosions
BBC News Wed, 22 Mar 2006 4:51 AM PST
Two people are killed and five injured in separate blasts at two small hotels in Bolivia's main city, La Paz.

American Arrested After Deadly Blasts at Bolivia Hotels
Fox News Wed, 22 Mar 2006 7:22 AM PST
Police say an American is one of two people arrested after bombs explode inside two low-budget hotels in Bolivia's capital overnight, killing two people and wounding seven.

About the couple, the police alleges that Lestat arrived in Bolivia on May 2005 through Villazón, a city on the border with Argentina. He then proceeded to go to Potosí where he bought a significant amount of dynamite (TNT). He moves on to Sucre, from where he sends a package with TNT and a threat to a Uruguayan judge, some Mr. Barrera. The package never arrived because it was detected by the Bolivian DEA.

In June 2005 he and his girlfriend were arrested for allegedly attempting to blow an ATM at a local bank in the border town of la Quiaca, Argentina. However, they are released later that year on December 2005. On February 2006 he comes back into Bolivia and travels to Cazani, Perú via Copacabana, Bolivia. There he allegedly detonates another bomb.


Last night at around 9.30 pm and 2 am, there were two explosions which are being called terrorist attacks. The explosions took part in two central neighborhoods ini La Paz.

The first one happened in the Linares motel, close to San Francisco square. It left two dead (a 30 to 35 year old man and a 25 year old woman) and several injured (two 24 year olds, one 26 and a 27 year old women). According to witnesses, a "foreigner" looking man (around 30 years old) checked-in and left minutes before the explosion went off. The police said that it looked like they had used the Israeli explosive material C-4.

The other explosion happened at the Riosinho motel and due to a telephone call warning them of the explosion, the owners could avoid fatalities. Nonetheless, there were two injured.

This kind of news are not unheard in Bolivia, especially in La Paz. But, I am talking about in military rule time. What is prompting these attacks, we can just speculate at this time, but the trend cannot be well viewed.

The authorities are taking precautions and they are setting police guard in all the most important spots around the city.

Other links:

and La Razón.

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påt®iciå said...

Buenas Noticias, atraparon al par de locos!!! Supuestos motivos de los atentados intolerancia religiosa..
Pensarian que estaban actuando en Natural born killers??
Lo enfermo de todo esto es que el autor confeso del hecho tiene varios nombres, dice llamarse Claudio Lestat, asi tal cual el personaje de Tom Cruise en Interview With the Vampire.

Jonathan said...

Nope, no politically motivated terrorism here. Lo peor es que a tontas y locas (como siempre) Evito se lanzo a culpar a EE.UU. y declarar terrorismo contra el.

Patricia, diste en el clavo con el nombre, Lestat tambien es un personaje en una novela de Anne Rice, me parecio raro e hize una busqueda en google y mira lo que encontre.

EN :

Lestat Claudius De Orleans y Montevideo
Sunday March 07, 2004


Nice Website.




Merry Meet, all:

I am a twenty-two Year old American Man with long brown hair and hazel eyes. I am five feet and nine Inches tall (1.75m). I am currently in Colombia as a political refugee from the United States. I am into music, reading, writing, and politics, among other things.

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Thanks and Blessed Be.

By SlmieBall at 05/24/2004 - 17:15 | Friendly Talkzone | previous forum topic | next forum topic
Political refugee


Tell us why you're a political refugee from the US. Go on, pleeease! We really are very intrigued...!
By ShazCas at Mon, 05/24/2004 - 17:42 | login or register to post comments
I Would Love To

But, unfortunately, My Internat time at this café is almost up and I have to run and get some grub anyway (you should try the meat pastries here if you get a chance, better than American Hot Pockets, for damn sure), so I will save that one for tomorrow. Think of it as waiting in suspence for the next chapter in your favorite Soap Opera or for the next episode of "Enterprise", or whatthefuckever.

¡¡¡Muerte a los Estados Unidos!!!
By SlmieBall at Wed, 05/26/2004 - 20:56 | login or register to post comments

Alda Ribiero Acosta

ALDA RIBIERO ACOSTA (9 July 1960 — ) Sacred woman and victim of Eduardo Roslik, brother of Communist child molester Vladimir Roslik. Alda was born in the Brazilian city of Santa Anna do Libramiento, on the Uruguayan frontier and lived her youth in Venezuela, until 1980 when she was sold as a cow to Eduardo Roslik, who forced her to bear two children of his blood. Ultimately, Political Philosopher Lestat Claudius De Orléans y Montevideo rescued her and took her to Bolivia, where Communist insurgents funded by Eduardo Roslik continue to try to kill them both. A reward for the death of Eduardo Roslik of one million Paraguayan Guaranies (Gs. 1,000,000.00PYG) has been posted for the head of Eduardo Roslik, as he continues to rape the two children which Alda was forced to bear by him.

Alda is currently pregnant with the child of Lestat Claudius De Orléans y Montevideo.


High Priest and political philosopher, resident -- albiet ilegally --
in Fray Bentos, Río Negro, URUGUAY, had been trying for Months to
some national authority to accept His World Service Authoity
Passport. Yesterday, His Dream was realized, thanks to Justice and
Mercury. He is now in Gualeguaychu, Entre Ríos, Argentina, with a
ninty-Day entry stamp for ARGENTINA and a exit stamp from URUGUAY in
His World Service Authoirty Passport. It is interesting that the
Consul General of Argentina at Fray Bentos, Río Negro, URUGUAY,
previously refused Rev. De Orléans


Casilla de Correo No. 62.073
Fray Bentos
Río Negro
C.P. 65.000


Frank IBC said...

C4 is not a uniquely "Israeli" explosive. Why are the police suggesting that?

Here is the WikiPedia article on C4:

miguel (MABB) said...

Gracias por la info Patricia. Leí muchos nombres hasta ahora. Cual será el real. Y Jonathan, esa info que encontraste esta interesante. A lo que se refiere al terrorismo en Sud America, la Ciudad del Este en Paraguay y Foz de Iguazú en el Brazil son los puntos de referencia para la inteligencia mundial. Los israelitas estan infiltrados en esa region y la CIA esta monitoreando estas dos ciudades de muy cerca. Es por eso el trafico entre Uruguay y la Argentina y las menciones de estos paises. Otra cosa que hacen es una coneccion con las FARC. Estos ultimos años las autoridades en Colombia han estado encontrando guerrilleros de toda clase en Colombia. Hasta Irlandeses creo.

Bueno, pero es increible cuanta info una simple googleada puede sacar. Ahora, si la info es de confiar, es otra cosa.

miguel (MABB) said...

The reason the Bolivian authorities automatically think of C4 as Israeli is because some years ago there were similar bombings. That time, according to the investigations, it was C4 and it was from Israeli origin. They knew this because they caught the explosives before the explosion.

I am guessing that the journalist might not have done a thorough job at checking, or he is just jumping to conclusions before the investigation.

It's been known to happen. :-)

Jonathan said...

It's now clear that it wasn't C-4 but a big load of dynamite. I remain impressed by the knee-jerk reaction of Morales, next he'll claim that the apparent history of mental illness was nothing but a "cover-up" orquestrated by the CIA. Thanks for the credit on that google search, though I'm sure someone would have done it anyway. said...

The guys real name is Triston Jay Amero, aka John Scheda, aka Lestat Claudius, Lord Cactus, Wiccan High Priest of El Dorado County.

If anybody cares, I posted something about this at

Frank IBC said...

Damn, that's one scary picture, wfister.

patotux said...

Suena todo tan extraño y bizarro.. creo que la pista de los explisvos es de suma importancia.. con que dinero lo financiaron.. donde lo obtuvieron.. quien se los vendio. Asi se podria saber quien mas esta implicado..

Ahora.. si bien este tipo realmente tiene una historia tan rara y extraña haciando criticas hasta del Necronomicron en Amazon.. Por un momento me hizo pensar en esas teorias de Control Mental estilo la pelicula Conspiracy Theory

KateG said...

We are trying to correct mis-information regarding Lestat Montevideo. Please see

Thank you

Kate Gibbons

sportsbook said...

Several international terrorist meetings were reported to have been held in Bolivia in the 1980s, including three in 1985 and 1986 that were attended by terrorist representatives from other South American countries. Two meetings between Bolivian left-wing extremists and representatives of other South American terrorist organizations allegedly were held in Cobija, Pando Department, and in La Paz in 1985.sportsbook According to the deputy minister of interior, migration, and justice, representatives of terrorist organizations from eight countries held another meeting in Santa Cruz in February 1986.

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LA PAZ, Bolivia - An American man and his dominical costa rica tours Uruguayan girlfriend were arrested Wednesday after bombs severely damaged two low-budget hotels in Bolivia's capital, killing two people and injuring at least seven.Police initially said the blasts were "typical of terrorist crime," and President Evo Morales lost no time in denouncing them as an attack on Bolivia's democracy.