February 15, 2006

A Worrysome Pattern

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There is a worrysome pattern I am noticing about events in Bolivia. First, the government (and apparently the people too) wants to rush with the Constituent Assembly. The new president has told the Congress to hurry and be ready by early March with the bill, or else, he will mobilize his sindicates and social movements to pressure it. Second, Morales' proposal will end up giving his party a majority representation in the assembly. Third, he and his party have expressed their frustration with the heads and members of the electoral court. They said they wanted to give them a vote of no confidence. They want to change the people at the electoral court. Fourth, as we speak there are Venezuelan experts helping the Bolivian government to establish a system to register and give identification cards to people in the country side. Fifth, the Santa Cruz region is demanding the referendum on autonomy to be binding. The government disagrees.

I don't know how this looks to you, but it is kind of worrying to me!

Update 1:

Thinking about this pattern developing in Bolivia, where the country seems to be following a certain line with a distinct and disturbin objective, I can see at the same time, positive developments. For instance, the engagement of, not just Brazilian businesses, but the Brazilian government istself. This "entangling alliance" may serve to provide some balance to the political pull from Venezuela. Brazil may prove to be an important partner for Bolivia to safe guard the democratic way.

Just a thought!