February 11, 2006

Dondeestamos (dot) net

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I got an interesting email from the people of dondeestamos.net. This is a relatively new Bolivian website or portal. It brings, what I've seen up to now, the most interesting information. You can actually zoom in to the place you want on their satellite image map. Although the resolution coud be better, because I could not really make up the house I lived there last, but I am not complaining. The fact that something like that is already available is something.

That is if looking up the place you stayed in Bolivia is important to you, then the information will be interesting. Aside from this feature, you can actually locate a business in every city in Bolivia. This service is still in its beginning stages but it is a good start. You can also find the latest news from the newspaper La Prensa and you can also get some tasteful jokes emailed to you.

There are forums, which I don't find particularly useful, and there is a link to listen to Bolivian radio through shoutcast's feed and using winamp. This I also find useful.

As usual, I just thought I share this info with you all.