January 03, 2006

Preliminary Plan for Inauguration

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Back and blogging. After a well earned New Year's celebration I am back, looking ahead to what 2006 will bring us. I hope this year will be a good one for all of us, and also for Bolivia.

As we all must know by now, Evo Morales (MAS) has earned the right to be called Mr President with over 53 per cent of the vote. More legitimate it cannot be. Evo Morales has achieved an historic result. One that will be engraved in history books.

Looking ahead now, on January 22 the inauguration is supposed to be held. Unless another crisis suddenly appears, this date should be set. There are all kinds of preparations going on, and this one promises to be an all out Evo Morales show. An by that I mean, in Morales' style.

Instead of one, there are three days in preparations and as far as I know, there will be two inauguration ceremonies, the official one and the traditional one. The official one will take place on the said date (January 22). This ceremony will be in the national tradition with protocol and lots of symbolism. For this ceremony Morales has invited many heads of state from around the region and the world. So far, Nestor Kirchner from Argentina, Alejanrdo Toledo from Peru, Tabare Vazquez from Uruguay and Nicanor Duarte from Paraguay have accepted and confirmed their visit. I am sure Fidel Castro from Cuba and Hugo Chavez from Venezuela will be there front and center. Also, musical luminaries and authors of protest songs like Silvio Rodriguez from Cuba and Piero from Argentina will be attending the ceremony. But, the latino star presence does not end there, also expected to attend is Diego Armando Maradona.

The ceremony will take place, the way protocol dictates, in the Congress, at the historic Plaza Murillo. From there Morales is expected to go to the other historic plaza, San Francisco. There he will be expected by the people where he will ceremoniously swear to carry out his agenda in full. One symbolic change will be the replacement of the traditional military guard by a guard made up of miners and other indigenous traditional authorities from El Altiplano. This, the coordinator said, will signal the people's will and supremacy. All in all there will be around 250 guests and 11.5 million bolivianos will be spent.

Additionally, there will be another, but this time more symbolic, ceremony. This ceremony will take place on the 21 of January and it will be in the town of Tiwanaku, El Altiplano. It will be here where Morales will be taking "real power". He will be invested with a traditional altiplanic authority poncho (the highest there is), the authority staff and the whip. The whip is a symbol of punishment to those who do not behave in a communal way and disrupt the order. In other words, it seems he'll be made king of the altiplano indians. It sure seems that way.