January 22, 2006

Live Events in San Francisco Square

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This is the event right after the swearing ceremony in Congress. Morales walked from Congress down to the plaza. There, the new president and vice-president have pledged once again to the people their government. Various speakers took part as follows:

(This is an attempt to bring what was said in that event as things were happening. It might be a bit abreviated, but you'll get the idea. The ceremony/event continues but Morales has already left. He has to host a receptions in the Presidential palace for all the visiting heads of state.)

Juan del Granado (didn't get to hear)

Eduardo Galeano Said that what happened in Bolivia is good for Bolivia, America and the world.
He was tired to see Bolivia covered by the international press. Bolivia for the press is invisible and difficult to understand.

Alvaro Garcia Linera said that the time of the indigenous people has come. Not there will be more iquality, compromise, racism will be eradicated. 513 years, the indigenous people have had to wait to be included. This is the "hour zero" for the indigenous people.

Evo Morales said:

The Bolivian people's efforts were not in vain. Thank you for the support. Really, I never thought I would become president. But, all indigenous peoples are presidents. Thanks to Eduardo Galeano for the support, to Ana maria campero (Bolivian ombuds woman).

This inauguration is not the end, but the beginning. We have lots to do. We will end the neocolonial state and the neoliberal model. Justice has to come to bolivia. Those who masacred the people have to come back to Bolivia to go to jail.

Thank to all heads of governments and an applause for the international press. Thanks to the indigenous movements around the world.

If we cannot go ahead in government, you brothers and sisters have to push us.

Greetings to a gradfather, wiseman, Fidel.

Let's invite the vice-president from Cuba, Carlos Lage.

Carlos Lage said, Evo says you want to hear me, but the people want to hear Evo. The profecy has become true: You send me away, I will return millions! The indigenous of America have returned. President Evo, we admire you for your ancestry, humility and honesty. We are living a historical moment for Bolivia, America and the World. Fidel could not come, but Fidel is present in you all. Patria o muerte, venceremos! (country or death, we will win).

Evo again:

I invited brother Hugo Chavez, but he said he was al bit ill. Viva Chavez. Viva the Boliviarian revolution. Viva Cuba.

I want to thank Gaston Ugalde. He painted the mural. The union of West and East.

I never thought we (MAS) would grown so fast.

So they don't say we are machos, I have seen a diminutive Ecuadorian activist sister, Blanca Chancoso. I invite her to come to speak here.

Blanca Chancoso:

She speaks in quechua. Sorry I don't understand! :-)

Now in Spanish - From other parts we have come to accompany and to take part in Bolivia's celebrations. 500 years ago it was said that in the middle of the day, it became night for the Andean peoples. But now, January 22, the light of day returned. Companero Morales we will be with you.

Evo Morales again:

Our solidarity with our quechuas brothers from Ecuador.

I want to salute the El Alto people. Thanks to El Alto and its people. Thank you for support.

Thanks to the association of retired people. They recommended us not to exclude any popular movement. We really try.

(Morales thanks to all the member organizations of his alliance. Workers, peasants, small business, women's associations, etc.)

Thanks to La Paz Mayor Juan del Granado.

We want to recuperate the national resources and many more supporters.

Thanks to Alvaro Garcial Linera. He represents the intelectuals of Bolivia.

Thanks to the intelectuals and professionals for their support.

It is important to coordinate social conscience with intellectual capacity.

I want to announce, I have to live in La Paz and had to leave my house in Cochabamba. I, frankly, am afraid to live in the presidential residence. I proposed that Alvaro Garcia Linera (vice-president), Santos Ramirez (Senate president), Edmundo Novillo (Deputies' president) and I will live in the president's residence. (I don't know if he was joking or he was serious)

Congress and Government have to cooperate.

I want to confess, today I dreamt that I was walking along the shores of lake Poopoo and the sun was rising. I am very impressed with this dream and very encouraged.

Viva Bolivia and viva the social movements!

P.S. Sorry for the English, but it was written as the people were speaking.


Take a look at Patricia's photo stream. She was in the ceremony in Tiwanaku. Thanks Patricia.