January 04, 2006

An Interesting Discussion

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Just wanted to mention that fellow Bolivian blogger and author of Ciao!, Miguel Centellas was a guest in a radio program called Latin America's New Socialism. Miguel got to share the microphone with economist Jeffry Sachs. They talked about Bolivia, the present political situation and Evo Morales, of course.

Personally, I thought Jeffry Sachs should stick to economic analysis, rather than venture into politics. Miguel, on the other hand, said many interesting things. The one thing I did not agree with him when he first said it and still don't quite agree, is that he thinks the country (Bolivia) is heading towards secession.

My take is that secession is not even a question. Things would have to brake down completely for Santa Cruz and the other departments (what Miguel calls the media luna region) to seceed.

But, a very interesting conversation. You can listen to it here. And here is the podcast.

Kudos to Miguel!