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January 05, 2006

Final Results Bolivian Elections December 2005

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Just to have a record of the official results of the elections. Above you can see the results for the presidential and congressional elections. These are without a doubt historical results. No party or president has governed, in recent times, with an absolut majority in the lower chamber. I am no fan of Morales, but I am impressed of the results.

Below you have the other significant results. For the first time in history (as far as I know) departmental prefects were directly elected by the people. Up until now, they had been appointed by the president in office. This has done a great deal for the advancement of the descentralization process in Bolivia and for the Bolivian democratic evolution.


mcentellas said...

I'm holding my breath on prefects for a while. Their being elected is good ... but I wish that there was a representative/elected regional assembly to check them (not just mayors below or the central government above, but an entity horizontally equal). I'll also wait to see what happens if/when prefects clash w/ Evo's government. Since, constitutionally, he could just fire them & appoint new prefects. Would Evo do that? Who knows.

At least, I'd have liked to see the prefecture be a three-person post, w/ the three most voted candidates getting a seat & decisions requiring a 2-1 vote. I'm worried about unchecked power for an entire region vested in a single person.

MABB said...

You are right. Next thing I am waiting for is the Constituent Assembly. There it should be defined how will the prefects work and what kind of powers and responsibilities they'll have. I am guessing there they will also create some kind of balance to the prefect's powers.

However, before all that happens, I am nervous to see who gets picked to the assembly. I have a bad feeling that Morales, in a very Chavesque manner, will fill that assembly with his people. Let's not forget that is how Chavez started.

As you may have noticed. I am very afraid Morales follows Chavez's steps. Chavez is just too close to Evo for my liking. Providing airplanes and security? hm!

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