January 17, 2006

Articles About Bolivia

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I found these three articles on my news service I thought you'd get a kick out of reading.

Bolivia elects first woman President

CORRECTED: Chileans elect their first woman president

Marcos: Zapatistas Will Not Attend Evo's Inauguration in Bolivia

I guess India has an excuse. It is so far away from Bolivia that it would be comprehensible for an Indian not to know where Bolivia and Chile are. A mistake is understandable. But, Reuters? what a mistake. I just have to chuckle.

The last piece is interesting to me because I would have thought the Zapatistas would want to attend. But, I was wrong!



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Jonathan Olguin

A.M. Mora y Leon said...

I think the Zapatistas were probably told not to attend. By some creep like Fidel Castro. Bolivia and Mexico got into a shouting match about those stinking Zapatistas showing up and it could be that Bolivia wants to have good relations with Mexico, not start off on the wrong foot. The Zapatistas are going nowhere, not even AMLO likes them, and the polls right now are pointing to upward movement by PAN's Calderon.