December 07, 2005

The Race Goes On

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It's going exactly the way I planned it at the Weblog Awards 2005. After telling all the people I know in the world (all 25 of them), I hang low, stay behind the leader until I surprise him or her with a last sprint to gain the lead. ;-)

I just need, as of now, little more than 200 votes, ehem! Easy.

Not, really! But, I have to say, it is exciting to be nominated. Just to be able to post that cool banner that reads "Weblog Awards 2005 Finalist". Even more exciting is to be on the race, albeit well behind.

I just keep on wondering, how does babalu do it? There must be tons of people visiting his site every day. Either that, or he has tons of friends hanging out in the internet and voting diligently every day.

As you can see, I am taking advantage that Bolivia is a bit calm as of late.