December 18, 2005

Bolivian Elections: Evo Morales Next President of Bolivia?

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Ok, could not resist. Here are the results of one of the first exit polls in the country carried out by the Unitel network. The results are as follows:

Evo Morales - 45%

Jorge Tuto Quiroga - 33%

Samuel Doria - 10%

Michiaki Nagatani - 7%

According to this exit poll Morales won the elections by a significant margin of votes, 12%.

How accurate are these exit polls in Bolivia? We'll know after this elections, I guess. But, again I would stress the importance to wait for the official results.


QBA said...

Unfortunately, the sometimes inflated polls actually encourage the populace to vote for whom they percieve will be the winner. It makes people feel better to say they voted for the winner.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it does discourage people. But people are funny. I had a different reaction when I heard the such news. I remember when the exit polls said John Kerry was in the lead in the US race and my first thought was: quick, get to the polls to vote for Bush.

boz said...

Quiroga just conceded.

miguel said...

How can he conced, they haven't even finished counting the votes.

In contrast with some reports, the Unitel network is reporting 45% for Evo.

miguel (MABB) said...

I think for the most part, people are influenced by polls to vote for the leading candidate. That is why politicians fight over who is in the lead. It is important to show one is in the lead.