November 05, 2005

The Summit of the Americas and the Anti-Summit in Pictures

Thanks to the Yahoo photo stream we can follow the IV Summit of the Americas and the Anti-Summit of the Americas as they happen. The actions is taking place in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

President Bush listening to Hugo Chavez speak during the first meeting of the Summit of the Americas on Saturday, November 4, 2005. Perhaps he is wondering what went wrong.

Hugo Chavez speaking at the meeting on Saturday. Hours before that speech he attended the Anti-Summit of the Americas where he denounced Bush, his policies and his government. This guy is becoming a real problem for the Bush administration.

Diego Armando Maradona y Hugo Chavez in the Anti-Summit. Both uttered harsh criticism against Bush during their demonstration. Maradona has said he hates Bush and if he sees him he would rip his head off. This is a duo who for sure is giving Bush much to think about.

Completing the list of celebrities attending the Anti-Summit, Evo Morales showing his disapproval of President Bush. Barrio Flores has an interesting post on this too.

Here is a visual of how leftist Latin America is becoming. The photo shows the leftist presidents of the Americas. From left to right, Fidel Castro (Cuba), Hugo Chavez (Venezuela), Nestor Kirchner (Argentina), Luis Inacio "Lula" da Silva (Brazil) and Tabare Vazquez (Uruguay). Many are working to add Evo Morales to this list.

President Bush's presence has sparked mass demonstrations (about 40,000 people on Saturday) and violence. People are demonstrating against the Free Trade policies the US government is trying to further. I ask myself, is this representative of what Latin Americans think about free trade?

The Bolivian president, oddly enough, is pictured like no other time, often at the side of President Bush. The usual place for the Bolivian President is besides Peru and on the back row. Is Bolivia gaining presence?

For sure Bush must be asking himself and his staff what is going wrong when it comes to Latin America. It seems that the US government's policies and the government itself is pushing LA towards the left. It is evident that Chavez is having an impact with the money he is getting from high oil prices.