November 13, 2005

Samuel: I Will Not Make Any Deal With Evo

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People who know the new president of Bolivia will be elected in Congress are constantly observing signs showing the possible alliances to emerge after the elections. I, for one, haven't seen any, until now.

This interview published in La Razón gives a clear sign that Samuel Doria Medina of UN has no intention of joining Evo in a new government.

Samuel directs most of his criticism towards Tuto quiroga. He argues that Tuto has never and will never be in the center-left. He says that Tuto's words are just words. One of the questions is whether he will form an alliance with Evo to govern. Samuel answers that is a dirty trick from Tuto who is spreading that lie to scare udecided voters. Samuel believes he will be government and clearly discards an alliance with Evo and MAS to form a government. His position towards Evo is to "block the blocker". That is, to block Evo Morales from getting to the presidency in the elections with the vote.

In my opinion these might be words Samuel might have to eat once the elections are over. Realistically looking at UN's position, the only way this party would get to government is in alliance with one of the aforementioned parties, Podemos or MAS. And, if he is so quick to write off a possible alliance with MAS, will he then consider an alliance with Tuto? That is the pressing question.

In recent times, I have seen Samuel getting closer and closer to MAS, rather than Podemos. For once, he is advocating the nationalization of the natural resources. A thing that Tuto is not. At least, not in the same sense as Evo. But, somehow Samuel's rethoric does not make sense. He comes from a business background, he owns one of the biggest industries in Bolivia. He has to be business friendly. It is his livelihood. He says he is for the small entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs only trhive in a business friendly environment. There are many questions still that Samuel has to make clear. His project is not really clear and does not offer many insights on the details.

But, the relevant question still is with whom will Samuel find more things in common? Who'll be his preference for an alliance? He is an important man.