November 13, 2005

Musical Meme

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Once every so often one of these comes around. This time is a meme about music, elegantly passed on by Mariana Ruiz, from Marea y Cielo. The idea is simple. Just have to list, alphabetically, pieces of music I like. What I'll do is to list what I am currently listening.

However, many of you who visit MABB for a longer time would know that I used to highlight Bolivian blogs. I haven't done this for some time. Now, I want to take this opportunity to suggest a visit to Mariana's blog. Marea y Cielo is an interesting addition to the Bolivian blogsphere. Well, it is an excellent addition to the literary kind. Those visitors who would want to experience a bit of poetry and literature coming directly from Bolivia will do well in visiting Mariana. Her stories are thought provoking and well written. And if that were not enough, she also has some skill with the camera. On her flickr account she posted some interesting photographs where she shows here ability to play with shadows and light.

Since I am already doing this let me suggest other blogs that I read as well: De Reojo (Pablo Mendieta); Rocko; Su Vida; and if you want to really get into the Bolivian blogsphere there is now a blog dedicaded to provide links to all these blogs, Blogs de Bolivia.

Naturally, the majority of these blogs are written in Spanish. But, for those English speaking visitors who are learning Spanish or already speak Spanish, a visit to this blog is well worth the time. You don't only practice your reading and learn more vocabulary, but you also get a glimpse into the Bolivian culture.

Here we go:

a: Aerosmith
a: Astor Piazzola
c: Creedence Clearwater Revival
d: Dean Martin
e: Evanescence
f: Frank Sinatra
g: Good Charlotte
l: La Oreja de Van Gogh
l: Luis Miguel
j: Juan D'Arienzo
m: Mellencamp, John
n: Nickelback
r: Roberto Goyeneche
r: Ricardo Arjona
t: Tom Jones
s: Sevillanas
u: U2
v: Vives, Carlos

This is harder than I thought! Let's see, who to pass it on? Let me try Alvaro from Off Topic; Nick from Open Veins; and Rocko. Of course, this is entirely optional. There is no obligation to follow. Have fun!