November 17, 2005

The First Bolivian Bloggers "Summit"

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Why not? It was comming. It was only a matter of time until the first Bolivian bloggers meeting was going to happen. Well, it's here and it's called:

Yes, Pacenas, Fricachos and Blogs is an initiative of two, by now old time, Bolivian bloggers, Carlos Quintanilla of El Quintacho y su rincon and Rolando Lopez author of Rocko. These two currently live in La Paz and thought of giving birth to perhaps something that could turn into a yearly event, the way it is already in other countries.

The plan is tentative and seeks to meet, somewhere in La Paz, the last Saturday of November. I guess more details will come later. The topics will of course be blogging and the sharing of ideas about it. As an additional topic the bloggers will discuss the creation of cultural campaigns, such as the Liberation of Books campaign started by mundo al revez and of which Carlos also actively participated.

A brief explanation of the name for the meeting. Pacena is a pilsner beer brewed in Bolivia. It is one of the best tasting beers in Bolivia. Fricacho or Fricase comes from the french Fricasse and is a fricase of pork meat with potatoes and white giant corn. It is very spicey and could potentially bring people from the brain dead state.

So, we'll be looking out for the event and the report of how did it go and what was talked about. Don't forget to take lots of pictures guys!