November 08, 2005

Evo y el Pibe

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You know that I like to share with you all not just my opinions and news about Bolivia, but also funny things I find in my roaming around the cyberworld. This time is a cartoon I found in La Razon. Trust me, it's very funny.

For those of you who don't know the background, here is a brief fill in and translation. In the world cup Mexico 1986, the quarter final game Argentina vs England, where Argentina won 2 to 1, Diego Armando "El Pibe" Maradona scored two goals for Argentina. One was the most amazing goal in the history of world Soccer. Maradona advances by himself around several defenders and the goalie and scores. The other goal, as Maradona admits, was scored with his hand as he jumped against Shilton (1,86 mts tall) and, with his hand, slaped the ball over the goalkeeper, without the referees noticing. This second goal has been since then known as "la mano de Dios" or the hand of God. Maradona has admited he intentionally used his hand and he did not regret it. Thanks to that goal, Argentina went on to win the cup. Mexico 86 was dubbed the Maradona show.

At the Anti-Summit of the Americas, this past weekend, Maradona met Evo Morales in the march against Bush. Maradona thanked Evo for supporting the Argentinean nation.

Now, in the cartoon, Diego Maradona asks Evo if he could teach him play the trumpet. If you read this post of mine, you know Evo used to play the trumpet. Evo then answers yes, if Maradona would teach Evo how to pull a "mano de Dios".