October 25, 2005

New Website

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If you are wondering what are Evo Morales' plans for the country, well, wonder no more. Go to his website and get it from his own lips. His site's address is:


There you can see MAS' 10 point program spelled out. You can also read about the movement, the candidates, the list of candidates for Congress and you can also get news about MAS' campaign. And if you want to, you can even get a nice Vote for Evo button for your own website. How'bout that!

One interesting thing I noticed is who designed the website and who hosts it. For what I was able to find out, the site was designed and is being hosted by an organization called Komunikate This company or organization has its seat in Medellin, Colombia. Why Medellin, Colombia? Aren't there companies able to design and host websites in Bolivia? Unfortunately, neither Tuto's nor Doria's websites state who designed them and where are they hosted. But, I think we can be pretty sure their websites are being financed by themselves. As I've said it before, I am really curious to know who finances Evo.