October 06, 2005

Liberación de Libros

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Liberación de Libros means Book liberation and it is not a revolutionary movement wanting the liberation of oppressed Books in Bolivia, or is it?

Well, it is something like it. It turns out that a group of socially engaged Bolivians have started what they call the book liberation campaign. The book pictured on the left is one of the first ones to be liberated. Their idea is to "liberate books" or, in practical terms, take a book you have already read, take a walk to wherever your feet take you and in the most unsuspected place (park bench, telephone booth, table on a coffee shop, the central post building, bus stop, you get the idea...) leave the book for someone else to find it and read it.

Sounds familiar? But of course, the people at Bookcrossing have been engaged in this for years. I have participated in Bookcrossing for about two years now. This is a (for lack of a better word) very good idea. However, the idea has found its way to Bolivia and has taken a local flavor. The people at Mundo al Reves, as far as I know, have started this whole thing. Their idea was to liberate books on September 24 this year at a central square in Santa Cruz city. According to the report, the campaign was an Exito Total!. On D day, the people of mundo al reves quietly observed many people who came and left a book there on the square. The most rewarding and interesting observations however, according to mundo al reves, were to see the faces of the unsuspected individuals who found the liberated books and after reading the small note inside realized they could take them home and enjoyed a good read.

Not satisfied with their success, the people at mundo al reves are planning another day to liberate more books. This time they say it will be October 23 when they and anyone else who wants to join their campaign will quietly meet once again to liberate any oppressed book they might own.

As a last note, Patricia has a very good piece of advice, which I eco. She recommends the people who want to liberate any book to register it with Bookcrossing. That way the book leaves a trail that can be followed and the experiences of the people who found it become more accessible to everyone with net access. The impact on lives becomes more real.

So, anyone who is in the Santa Cruz area on October 23 take a book and liberate it. Also, lots of thanks to the people at libro libre Bolivia for visiting my blog.

Note: The image is borrowed from the Libro Libre Bolivia blog. Thanks.