October 24, 2005

The Deadline: This Friday

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There is a deadline for the "conflict" brewing in Congress (see 10/22 post). Even though, the body in charge of organizing and carrying out the general elections, the Electoral Court, has not set any deadlines other than saying the deadlock should be solved a.s.a.p., the government said Friday is the last chance. The political operative representing President Rodriguez in the conflict, Jorge Lazarte, has said Friday would be the deadline for Congress to come to a solution regarding the seat redistribution. If Congress does not act until Friday, the Executive will issue a special supreme decree redistributing the seats. The President's proposal gives two additional seats to Santa Cruz by taking away one seat to Potosi and Oruro. La Paz and Cochabamba's seats would be untouched. The Executive stressed the importance to keep the upcoming elections in course.

So deadline: Friday, October 28, 2005