October 13, 2005

Campaigns Launched

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The BBC has an article about the lauching of Evo's and Tuto's elections campaigns. The BBC says:
Left-wing candidate Evo Morales, who is ahead in opinion polls, received an Andean blessing. If elected, he would be Bolivia's first Indian president.

His closest rival, the US-educated engineer Jorge Quiroga, opened his campaign with TV and radio spots.

According to the BBC, Evo launched his campaign on the day when more than 500 year ago, the Spanish conquered the new world. Talking about significance. The BBC article describes Evo's pledges as:
He pledged to improve the rights of Bolivia's indigenous majority and to lift restrictions on coca production. The indigenous leader - who is known for his strong anti-US stance - also promised to nationalise all Bolivia's energy resources.

The Andean country - the poorest country in South America - has Latin America's second largest gas reserves, and hydrocarbons are its main source of income.

Correspondents say the possibility of a victory for Mr Morales is already causing alarm in Washington.

While the article describes Tuto's pledges as being:
...he would concentrate on getting Bolivia's foreign debt cancelled.

He also demanded that the elections be held in December as scheduled, accusing certain sectors of "putting the democratic system at risk as well as the future of our country."

This is the official start of the political campaigning season. From now on, until december, we and Bolivian's most of all, will be seeing the faces of Evo and Tuto every day.

Note: Read this excellent Bolivian blogs round-up authored by our good friend Eduardo Avila, from Barrio Flores who is also writing for Global Voices.