October 29, 2005

Are the December Elections Postponed? Not Yet?

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A run of the world news agencies and organizations might give you the impression that the December 4 general elections in Bolivia are being delayed. Liks such as these claim so:

Washington Post; BBC; ABC; Bloomberg; and others.

However, that is not the case. At least not officially. The fact is that the National Electoral Court issued an announcement saying that it was not possible anymore for the court to meet the December 4 date due to technical and operational issues. The executive branch is the only branch responsible to move the date. So the elections are not officially delayed.

Having said that, if the court says it cannot meet that date, it is already a serious indication that the elections will have to be moved. Unless, the executive gets creative and finds a way to keep the date. I would say, we can be sure all the resources in the executive office are busy trying to find an alternative solution to keep the date.

An alternative date is being trhown in the ring. The date is December 18.