September 15, 2005

Transparency and Accountability: Indications from the Bolivian Electoral Front

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There is not doubt that Transparency and Accountability are two very important aspects for the democratic process to continue and strengthen. It is in light of these objectives that politicians have an incentive to gain legitimacy. I am glad to see that a movement toward these objectives is being taken in the Bolivian electoral process.

One of the first attempts to gain support trhough transparency and accountabilty has been taken by the industrialist and presidential candidate Samuel Doria Medina (UN). He has made public his financial information and what I find even better, he has a website containing this information.

Now I don't know if the website was even necessary. Of course, it is a good thing for people like me, who are always in the hunt for information about Bolivia and its people. However, to disclose (presumably) all his financial details for the world to see, would make me a bit nervous (for reasons of privacy).

The website is called:

The website shows Doria Medina's academic career, his links to SOBOCE (cement factory), how he paid a debt to the Central Bank (a point of criticism used by his opponents), his investments, his private life, his public service as Minister of Planning, his links to MIR and how much will he invest in his own campaign.

The information offered there is not much, but is a start in the right direction. Moreover, from this site I learned about the UN's website. I hope every party would have a website wher it, at the very least, presents its programme. Logically, as expected, this website is entirely in Spanish. But, count on me to bring some interesting aspects to the English speaking world.

So there you have it, take a look at it, scrutinize it, fine comb it, don't leave a stone unturned. And if you are not satisfied, you can always email him personally.