September 07, 2005

Some More Profiles

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I have gotten a few requests (comments and emails) about the other two candidates who are running under the civic organizations' flags. These are, to say the least, pretty unknown political figures (somewhat recycled nevertheless). They represent, the "new" faces in Bolivian politics.

Nestor Garcia Rojas

President candidate for the newly formed group, Social Union of the Bolivian Workers (Union Social de los Trabajadores de Bolivia, USTB). Born October 6, 1951 in Lagunillas, Santa Cruz. He is a lawyer, graduated from the Gabriel Rene Moreno University, Santa Cruz. His specialties are Social Sciences and Trade. He has taught in rural areas and led the alphabetization program for the Bolivian Radiophonic Schools Network. He presided as judge in a local court as well as at the state level (Santa Cruz) in penal cases, and was national attorney for controlled substances. He worked also as director for the Selecciones de Bolivia magazine and was advisor for the participants in Fonvis (National Housing Fund).

His running mate is Teodomiro Rengel. Born in southern Yungas, La Paz. He has a degree in Political Science and is currently studying law. Former MNR deputy subsitute. He worked on a national rural electrification program. He is in politics because he feels there is a need for change.

Eliseo Rodriguez

President candidate for the newly formed Bolivian Agricultural Patriotic Front (Frente Patriotico Agropecuario de Bolivia, FREPAB). Born June 14, 1951 in La Paz. Married and has seven children, four sons and three daughters. Agronomist by profession and director of exodo, which is an NGO working on agricultural development projects. This is his first time in an electoral process. In the municipal elections 2004 he and his group could not participate because they could not registrate with the Electoral Court on time. FREPAB has candidates in La Paz, Oruro, Potosí, Cochabamba y Santa Cruz.

His running mate is Irma Encinas. Born in Capinota, Cochabamba, 36 years of age. She works the land. She has expressed her desire to find answers to the problems affecting the marginalized population in rural areas. That is why she is running for office.

With these profiles, I try to bring whatever information is there about these four specific candidates. The other incumbents have had more media coverage. Also my source is's 2005 elections page. has done a superb job on publishing specials on various topics. For those Spanish speaking Bolivia aficionados is really worth a visit.