September 07, 2005

The Official List of Candidates

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Barrio Flores has the official list of presidential and vice-presidential candidates for next December 4th. This list was published by La Razon and Eduardo has it posted on his blog.

All the political parties and most civic organizations have been in a race against time on Monday to put together their official lists. In the process, some political parties, like MIR and ADN, have failed to get their acts together. Paz Zamora's MIR is the most symbolic because Paz Zamora himself defected to Tuto's camp. Does this mean the Movement of the Revoulutionary Left has become obsolete? Does this mean a realignment of the political spectrum in Bolivian politics? You bet! At least on the surface....

One interesting link to visit is the CNE's site. There you can already look up all the official candidates. Not just the presidential and vice-presidential candidates, but incumbents for the Senate, the lower chamber and for prefects. In my opinion, the CNE has done a really excellent job on their website on bringing information and transparency to the public.