August 17, 2005

US-Bolivia (Un) Relations

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Just wanted to direct you to this interesting article in Yahoo news. It seems that the US government (it had to be Rumsfeld, the smartest of the bunch) is taking it upon themselves (yet again) to act as campaign managers by drawing more attention than needed to Evo and the left.

ASUNCION (AFP) - US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld arrived here for talks with Paraguay's President Nicanor Duarte Frutos amid concerns over what US officials see as a Cuban-Venezuelan campaign to subvert neighboring Bolivia.

"There certainly is evidence that both Cuba and Venezuela have been involved in the situation in Bolivia in unhelpful ways," US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told reporters as he flew here from Washington.

Rumsfeld declined to elaborate but senior defense officials traveling with him said a major purpose of the secretary's visit to Paraguay was to consult on Cuban and Venezuelan activities in the region.

"Very clearly in the past year we've seen a return of an aggressive Cuban foreign policy," said one US defense official, who spoke to reporters traveling with Rumsfeld on condition of anonymity.

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mcentellas said...

I, too, think the US policy of publicy denouncing Evo is bad, tactically. Sure, the US doesn't want Evo in office. But pointing this out only strengthens Evo's support among anti-American voters. It's tricky how to respond to that, but perhaps a better response that at least neutralizes the issue (doesn't hurt/help Evo) would be better. But that would require at least sitting down for an hour or two and thinking about it, I guess.

MB said...

I wonder, who in their crazy mind would want Evo in office. His only concrete proposal up to now is to nationalize the natural resources.

Has he, or any of his advisors in the NGOs, thought about this simple question: and then what?

How will he pay for all the great things he wants to do? Industrializing natural gas? From the money he gets when Hugo buys Bolivian debt?

I think the US government should keep quiet. It surely doesn't help the cause having, of all the cabinet ministers, Rumi show up in Paraguay showing his beligerent face. He certainly doesn't help.