August 18, 2005

Brief Update

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Everything seems to indicate the political parties are getting things together for the upcoming national elections on December 4th. Here is a brief update on the candidates and the campaigns.

Two important dates. According to the electoral code and the CNE (Electoral Court), the deadline for the parties to register the names of their candidates is August 26. However, there is a amendment bill (waiting in Congress) which would extend this date to September 5. This bill is very likely to pass because it contains many needed reforms to the current code in order to make the prefectural elections a reality.

Thus, the political parties are busy negotiating to get their candidates in order. So far, as reported earlier, the National Unity (UN) party has its candidates ready and campaingning. The candidates are: for President, Samuel Doria Medina, and for Vice-president, Carlos Dabdoub. For its part, the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) also has its President and Vice-president candidates ready, Evo Morales and Alvaro Garcia Linera, respectively.

Still on the selection phase are: Alliance Century 21 (ASXXI), Ample Front (FA), MIR, MNR, ADN.

Speculations about Tuto Quiroga's running mate are circuling around two people. One is (or was) Progress Plan's (PP) Jose Luis Paredes. Paredes, however, has discarded this option since his support base wants to ally themselves with a leftist party (on a personal level, Paredes would feels closer to Quiroga). The other person being speculated about is Quiroga's former minister Tomasa Yarhui. At this point, if this speculations are right, Yarhui could end up running at Quiroga's side.

The Leftist Revolutionary Movement (MIR) has expressed through a member, though not officially, that Hormando Vaca Diez wants to be the candidate. This decission will be taken next Tuesday.

As far as FA, MNR and ADN, there is nothing new. Juaquino (FA) is waiting decisions being taken in El Alto. MNR is has been quiet and even more so, ADN.